The world of fresh fruits and vegetables is always in motion. Today's consumers are demanding. They only want the highest quality of fresh produce, every day and all year long. And they want to know its origin. How it's grown and who the grower is. High expectations from consumers, buyers and - as a result - suppliers. We strive to meet those expectations. Every day we deliver what is demanded by our customers. By caring for the planet we live on, and also with a strong vision.

That is why it’s important to sometimes take a step back from our day-to-day activities and get an overview of the whole chain. So we can really understand all the changes and developments in our world. And discover how we can improve each time again. Our goal is to bring the freshest products from the fields to the customers using the optimum route. To achieve this, we go beyond the traditional role of distributor, importer or exporter. We direct the entire chain. Cooperation is key. For Solaris cooperation means a circle of trust, a circle in which we all play a part. And together we can fulfill our promise to the market. That promise is ‘Solaris, Your Source To Freshness’.